Pre Rolls, Infused Flower, & Hash

Joints, Infused Flower, & Hash

Fiddler’s Green offers pre-rolled joints. Purchase a single 1g joint or a joint pack. We also have infused flower available. What is infused flower? Well, infused flower is premium buds coated in cannabis extract and battered in kief or bubble hash. Infused flower is also known as Caviar, Moonrock, or Sunrock.

Pre Rolled Joints

Our brands | While supplies last

Infused Flower & Hash

Our brands | While supplies last

Pre rolled joints are a fast and convenient way to consume cannabis.

At Fiddler’s Green in Ridgway we carry the best selection of joints at a competitive price.

Check out our 1G single joints or our joint packs.

Prices vary depending on brand.

Infused flower is also known as “CAVIAR”

It is commonly made with premium buds, extract oil, and kief or bubble hash. Infused flower is a cannabis concentrate. Remember to start slow and low, especially if you are a first time consumer.

We offer infused flower and joints.

Visit Fiddler’s Green in Ridgway, CO and treat yourself!

Hashish or Hash is derived from the resin glands & trichomes of the cannabis plant. It is a solventless extract.

Moroccan Hash

Moroccan Hash is made from heating kief to decarboxylate and then is pressed.

Lebanese Hash

Lebanese Hash starts with aged kief, then is pressed.

Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash is made with ice water.