Terpene Information

What are terpenes?

Cannabis terpenes are aromatic compounds that provide cannabis strains with their smell and flavor. Terpenes occur naturally in the trichomes. These aromatic compounds are found in almost every flower, herb and fruit grown across the world. There are over 200 types of terpenes found in the cannabis plant alone. Much like other flowers, cannabis flowers develop terpenes to ward against predators and attract pollinators. Terpenes do more than provide flavor and aroma; they  cause an “entourage effect” with other cannabinoids to amplify or better balance the potential effects.

Myrcene myr·​cene

Earthy, Musky, and Spicy.
Myrcene is thought to be sedating and relaxing.
Found in: Mangos, Lemongrass and Thyme.

Caryophyllene • car·​y·​o·​phyl·​lene

Spicy and Peppery.
Caryophyllene is thought to reduce inflammation.
Found in: Black Pepper, Cinnamon, and Cloves.

Humulene • hu·​mu·​lene

Herbal and Woodsy
Humulene is thought to be an anti-inflammatory.
Found in: Sage, Basil, and Hops

Alpha-Pinene pi·​nene

Evergreen, Fresh, Herbal.
Alpha-pinene is thought to have anxiety-reducing properties.
Found in: Conifer Trees, Rosemary, and Sage.

Linalool lin·​al·​o·​ol

Floral, Mild, Spicy.
Linalool is thought to have antimicrobial properties and reduce anxiety.
Found in: Lavender, Coriander, and Sweet Basil.

Limonene lim·​o·​nene

Lemon and Citrus.
Limonene is thought to elevate mood, and relieve stress.
Found in: Lemon rinds and other citrus fruits, and Peppermint