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Are you looking for an alternative to traditional smoking?

Check out the vape options we have available in Ridgway, CO. If you need a new, all-in-one vape or 510 cartridge, Fiddler’s Green Cannabis Dispensary has you covered! We carry the best quality vape supplies of every variety and budget. Browse our selection in-store, or check out our online menu. Stock up on the products you want and need. Visit Fiddler’s Green Cannabis Dispensary in Ridgway, CO today.

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Check out our premium cannabis concentrates.

If concentrates are your preferred method, you’ll be glad to know Fiddler’s Green also has the best selection of concentrates available. We offer a vast variety from nug run, distillate oil, BHO, CO2, to Solventless. We carry concentrates in every consistency:

Our Concentrate Brands

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Safe use of cannabis concentrate

Cannabis concentrate is created by extracting THC from the cannabis plant. This product may contain up to 90% of THC and is intended to be used by smoking, vaporizing or dabbing. Start low and go slow. Consuming too much cannabis concentrates can increase the risk of an unpleasant high. 

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